What’s the most versatile thing in your fridge? You may think of milk or eggs, but one of the most versatile things you can store in your fridge is half and half. This product can be used in your coffee every morning, but since it’s more rounded than plain milk, it keeps for a while. Here are five ways, other than coffee, that you can use half and half.

Easy chocolate ganache

Ganache is a versatile thing to have on hand, especially when you’re baking. You can pour it over ice cream or use it as cake frosting. You can easily replace the cream in your chocolate ganache recipe with half and half. All you need is chocolate chips and half and half! Throw your chocolate chips in a double boiler and stir in half and half as they melt. Whisk until everything melts and the ganache reaches your desired consistency.

Ice cream

Try half and half instead of cream as a base for ice cream. To make your desert creamy, you will need more than a half-used pint from the back of your fridge. Search online for ice cream recipes made with half and half. It may surprise you how many easy recipes you will find.

Scrambled eggs

Add a little half and half to your eggs as you scramble them. Cook slowly over low heat for a creamy texture. This will also make your eggs soft and fluffy! After you try scrambling eggs with half and half, you will never want to cook them without it.

Pasta or pan sauce

If you are making pan-fried chicken breast and you have deglazed the pan to save all the delicious brown bits, add a splash of half and half. This will give you a rich sauce. When making pasta sauce, pair half and half with tomatoes. You will have a sauce that coats the pasta well and adds dimension to your dish.


You can use half and half in White Russians or mix it with Baileys and pour over ice. Half and half is a great thing to have on hand for mixing with drinks. You can find various recipes online, but you may try experimenting as you go along.

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