Went too far choosing the giant tub of sour cream at the grocery store? Fewer people munched on Tuesday night tacos than you expected? You can put your extra sour cream to good use. While a dollop here and there won’t use up the whole tub, there are ways you can incorporate sour cream into your cooking so it doesn’t go to waste.

We’ve compiled a few easy ways to use up the extra sour cream in your fridge. Consider giving one or more of these creative recipes a try. It may surprise you just how many ways you can incorporate sour cream into sweet and savory dishes alike.

Fill deviled eggs

Sour cream adds a creaminess to deviled egg filling you would miss without it. If you have even a little extra sour cream, try out this recipe for deviled eggs.

Bake a chocolate cake

Chocolate cake is delicious just about any way you bake it, but adding sour cream will take your cake to the next level. If you’re having sour cream with a meal, just set some aside and bake a tasty cake for dessert. Try this chocolate bundt cake recipe.

Make fluffy pancakes

Swirl sour cream into your pancake batter for a sweet, fluffy breakfast treat. Try this recipe for flavorful, blueberry pancakes that are sure to please.

Whip up homemade salad dressing

One of the easiest and most useful ways to use extra sour cream is by making a homemade dressing for salads and dipping. This scrumptious dressing is mainly sour cream and mayonnaise based.

Prepare a creamy pasta

With just half a cup of sour cream, you can create a creative, creamy pasta dish. This simple penne recipe takes just 20 minutes to prepare.

Quality sour cream and cultured dairy products

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