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Milk is an excellent source of calcium for your child’s body, because it is filled with vitamin D, which helps to absorb this mineral. When the body is given the proper amount of calcium, it will aid in the development of healthy, strong bones. There are other benefits milk will provide for your child that can help them develop into healthy adults.

Their teeth will be healthier

Phosphorus and calcium found in dairy products are crucial to your child’s tooth development. Casein is another protein found in milk that creates a thin film across tooth enamel, which prevents decreased calcium and phosphorus absorption. This process is especially important if your child is consuming acidic foods or beverages. Drinking milk does not promote tooth decay, so dentists often recommend children drink only milk and water in between meals.

Milk can keep your child hydrated

Children need a lot of hydration throughout their day. According to a study published by the Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism Journal, milk-based drinks are a great source of nutrients for children after playing or exercising. If your child is exhausted after an activity or workout, offer them a glass of milk to help them recover more quickly.

Dairy products promote healthy bones

The vitamin D present in milk will help your child’s body absorb calcium, reduce inflammation, and even boost their immune system. Consuming calcium helps reduce their risk of developing brittle bones, both now and in the future. A lack of vitamin D can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis or even rickets later in life.

Milk helps improve blood pressure

Milk can help keep your child’s blood pressure in check. Studies have shown children who consume three servings of dairy a day, along with a balanced diet, maintain proper blood pressure. You can also keep your child healthy by monitoring their sodium intake.

How milk helps your child grow

Your child needs calcium to keep his or her bones strong and healthy. Not only does calcium provide protection for their bones, it also can prevent headaches, and in some cases, even help with migraines. Childhood obesity has gained a lot of attention, and studies are showing calcium can also help your child reduce unwanted fat from their body.

Calcium is an essential part of a growing child’s diet. If you ensure your child consumes the recommended amount of calcium every day, it will reduce their risk of blood clots and improve their nerve function. Your child can also benefit from the hormones milk helps release, along with other chemicals, so their muscles properly tense and relax.

The best types of milk for your child

It is suggested that you wait until your child is at least one year of age before introducing them to cow’s milk. Babies younger than one will have a hard time digesting dairy products. Whole milk is ideal for kids between one and two years of age, because their nerve and brain development benefit from the fat in the drink. Unless your child is gaining too much weight, it is recommended you give them whole milk until they reach the age of two.

After two years of age, you can switch to 1% or 2% reduced fat varieties to moderate the amount of fat and cholesterol they receive. These two kinds of milk can be served for the rest of your child’s growing years, and even when they become adults. Unless there is a concern with weight, skim milk is not recommended for your child’s diet. This type of milk does not have the needed fat content necessary for proper development.

Dietary guidelines for milk products

Dietary guidelines have recently been increased for the recommended servings of this drink per day. If your child is between the ages of four and eight, it is recommended they consume three servings a day. Children under four years of age should consume two servings each day. If it is difficult to serve milk this often, one cup of yogurt or one-and-half ounces of cheese also equals a single serving of milk. Not all dairy products are the same. You will need to choose those that contain Vitamin D and other needed nutrients to ensure your child receives good nutrition.

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