Whatever exercise you do, it is important to refuel after strenuous physical activity. Did you know that chocolate milk has everything you need to refuel? For those running more this new year or preparing for races, this is especially helpful. Traditional recovery drinks contain excess sugar, little protein, and may contain harmful ingredients. Here’s why chocolate milk is a great alternative choice for post-run recovery.

Nutritious chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is the ideal recovery drink for many reasons. Besides being cold and delicious, chocolate milk contains important electrolytes. The drink contains sodium and potassium, both of which are important for rehydration after a run. Chocolate milk also provides calcium and Vitamin D, important nutrients for bone health and muscle strength. The 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio of chocolate milk makes it ideal for those needing a post-run recovery drink.

Chocolate milk as fuel for muscles

Carbs refuel your muscle glycogen (or energy) stores after a long workout. The longer or more intense your exercise, the more carbohydrates you need to replenish. Protein helps repair your muscles because of the damage done to them during your workout. Your protein needs are based on your body size. They range from 15-40g of protein needed for adequate recovery. A cup of chocolate milk provides approximately 8 grams of high-quality protein. Drinking a glass is a great way to get recovery started!

Whether you’re running a marathon or doing intense workouts, chocolate milk is a great choice for recovery. Just one glass can help replenish your energy and repair your muscles. At Plains Dairy, we produce a large selection of high-quality Milk, Cultured, and Non-Dairy products. Call us today at (806) 374-0385 or Contact Us by email to learn more About Us. You can also Find a Location near you and check out our Recipes!