health benefits of vitamin d milk and 2% milk

The milk you purchase from the store contains nutrients that are essential for your well-being and good health. One of the top benefits of drinking this product is the amount of calcium it provides your teeth and bones. This drink can help prevent osteoporosis, a condition where your bones become brittle and weak when you are older. There are several types of milk that are available depending on the amount of fat you are comfortable with drinking. Many people wonder if there is a difference between 2% and Vitamin D milk when it comes to nutrition.

2% milk

2% milk is healthier than whole milk because it contains less fat. The amount of fat, or the percentage, relates to the fat content by weight. When you drink whole milk, you are consuming all of the natural fat, which amounts to more than 3% by weight. During the process of creating 2% milk, some of the fat is removed, leaving around only 2% of the original fat content. Fat from this drink is considered saturated fat and increases your cholesterol levels. Other choices with less saturated fat are 1% and skim, which are thinner in texture.

Vitamin D milk

In the United States, almost all milk produced contains Vitamin D. This vitamin is voluntarily added, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements. Products fortified with vitamin D provide 20% of your recommended daily allowance, regardless of how much fat they contain. This means you can drink any type of milk you would like, including 2%, without sacrificing nutrients.

Nutritional benefits of milk

Other benefits of drinking this product are the amounts of calcium and B12 vitamins you will consume. Drinking one cup of any type of milk will provide you with approximately 30% of your daily calcium requirements and about half of your daily Vitamin B12 requirements. The benefit of drinking low fat varieties is saving on calories, but this will not affect your vitamin or nutrient values. You can even drink chocolate or strawberry varieties and still receive the same nutrients.

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