Protein builds muscle, plus it’s a key nutrient in fueling your body’s everyday needs. Protein is essential to building hair, nails, blood, antibodies, enzymes and connective tissue. A high-protein diet can also help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Do you know how to fuel your body with this essential nutrient every day? The following are a few easy ways to add protein to your diet.

Pack your snacks with protein

Eating a few healthy snacks through the day can keep your metabolism burning and help you get extra nutrients. Try packing high-protein snacks to fuel your body and satisfy your hunger. Prepare your snacks ahead of time with high-protein foods like boiled eggs, cheese, and yogurt. If you are not used to eating high-protein snacks throughout the day, you should notice a significant boost in energy!

Use milk in protein shakes

Increase protein in your shakes by using real dairy milk. Dairy milk has 8 grams of protein per serving (8 ounces)! This is twice the protein per serving than an alternative milk beverage. Milk will also provide added nutrients like B12 and vitamin D.

Post-workout milk

Treat yourself to a protein-rich snack after your workout. Fueling your body with carbohydrates and protein after working out is essential to recovery. Protein helps your body repair muscle that has been broken down. Try a cold glass of chocolate milk after your next workout! It’s the perfect mix of carbohydrates and proteins to refuel your tired muscles.

Be consistent with protein consumption

You don’t have to force protein consumption to fit a certain timeframe. Your intake of protein should stay consistent throughout the day. This ensures your body always has what it needs to build and repair muscle. You can achieve this by adding egg whites, unsalted nuts and a glass of milk to your daily routine.

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