Warm milk is commonly thought of as a natural sleep aid or nonalcoholic nightcap, but the drink offers health benefits regardless of when it’s consumed. A glass of warm milk doesn’t offer more nutrition than a cold glass, but it’s a comforting wintertime drink that also provides high-quality protein and calcium. Here’s how warm milk can benefit your overall well-being.

Nutrient-dense calories in warm milk

Milk, whether warm or cold, offers nutrient-dense calories. The calories in milk come from a mix of protein, fat and carbs. Every cup of milk has about 12 grams of sugar, which fuels the muscles, and 8 grams of complete protein, which is essential for cellular repair and tissue growth. Complete protein nourishes the muscles, strengthens the immune system and helps you produce essential hormones.

Relaxing benefits of warm milk

If you count on warm milk as a sleep aid, you may be disappointed. Milk contains some sleep-promoting compounds, like tryptophan and melatonin, but they present in small amounts. Drinking milk does have the power to relax you, however, and this can help you drift to sleep easier.

Adding spice to your warm milk

You can add nutritious ingredients to warm milk to boost health benefits and flavor. Try adding a dash of ginger and cinnamon to your milk as you heat it up. Both spices are packed with antioxidants. You can also try making “golden milk”. This popular drink contains turmeric and honey. Golden milk is said to help reduce inflammation, along with other health benefits. Finally, try steeping black or chai tea in you warm milk for a delicious, sugar-free tea latte.

A glass of warm milk, however and whenever you drink it, can be a benefit to your health and your rest this winter. Craving a glass of warm milk? At Plains Dairy, we produce a large selection of high-quality Milk, Cultured, and Non-Dairy products. Call us today at (806) 374-0385 or Contact Us by email to learn more About Us. You can also Find a Location near you and check out our Recipes!