Building muscle requires strength-building exercises and a quality diet with an adequate amount of protein. Those seeking to gain muscle can drink milk to add protein and calcium, which are necessary to grow muscle, to their diet. Milk contains 8g of protein in just one cup! Milk is also an excellent source of vitamin D and calcium. Read on to learn how you can build muscle with the help of milk.

Refuel after you workout

After every workout, drink one to two cups of nonfat milk. A 2007 study by McMaster University found that drinking milk after exercise leads to muscle weight gain and increased fat loss when compared with those who drink soy-based drinks. In addition to protein, milk contains other essential nutrients. These nutrients help you refuel after an intense workout. Milk has been shown to be more a more effective rehydration aid than traditional sports drinks. Thus, anyone interested in maximizing gains from their workout should consume milk post-exercise.

Daily milk intake

Drink at least 3 cups of nonfat milk daily. This adds about 300 calories and 24 grams of protein to your daily diet. To gain muscle mass, suggests consuming 1 ½ grams of protein per pound of body weight to gain muscle mass.

Protein is made of amino acids, and these cause many of the actions your body makes. When you exercise, you create tears in your muscles. The amino acids consumed when you eat protein repairs those tears. Amino acids surround and fill the tear to make it bigger and stronger.

High-quality milk and dairy products

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