Dieters assume sour cream is a treat they need to avoid on their weight loss journey. Sour cream is actually a healthy addition to potatoes, soups, salad dressings and even smoothies. Because of the calcium and protein in sour cream, and the low carb count, dieters should not feel guilty about adding it to their diet.

What exactly is sour cream?

Sour cream is made by fermenting cream with lactic acid bacteria. Just like yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir and other fermented foods, sour cream contains live cultures. The microorganisms are destroyed during processing, but some brands of sour cream preserve their probiotic qualities. The nutritional value and calories in sour cream depend on both the brand and fat content.

Nutrition in sour cream

Some things would not be the same without sour cream. Sauces, cakes and dips taste better with sour cream as an ingredient – plus it has a variety of health benefits! Sour cream is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus and selenium. These nutrients are essential to a balanced diet.

Prevent vitamin B12 deficiency with sour cream

One of the best health benefits of sour cream is its high vitamin B12 levels. Many people do not get adequate amounts of B12 in their diet, so it’s important to eat foods high in the vitamin. This water-soluble vitamin is essential to metabolize protein, enzymes and other important nutrients.

Eye health and sour cream

Vitamin A and vitamin E are two important nutrients found in sour cream. Both of these vitamins promote eye health. The vitamins protect against cataracts. It’s also worth noting that vitamin A deficiency has been linked to dry skin, night blindness and other eye problems.

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