celebrate national dairy month by learning the benefits of dairy

Since the 1930’s, people have been encouraged to drink milk in the month of June to celebrate dairy farmers. June Dairy month began in 1937 and two years later became National Dairy Month. June is filled with events related to milk across the United States. Some farmers open up production tours and other events are held to celebrate milk and other products.

How the holiday was started

National Dairy Month began with farmers and grocers distributing extra milk to their areas as the summer heat kicked in. This was started in 1937 by grocery organizations that sponsored June as National Milk Month. By 1939, the celebration officially became National Dairy Month.

Whether it’s poured in cereal, baked in desserts, or added to your coffee, milk is widely used in all kinds of recipes. There is no denying the health benefits for your bones and your teeth when drinking this product as well. 98% of dairy farms are family owned, and these farmers pride themselves on humanely producing their products year round. The states with the highest dairy production are Idaho, Wisconsin, New York, and California, but almost every state has some form of dairy production. This means that there may be Dairy Month celebrations in your area.

Celebrate milk all year long

Milk has been highlighted by the Dietary Guidelines of Americans because it is full of important nutrients that American diets lack. These nutrients include potassium, calcium, and vitamin D. Most alternatives have only half of the nutritional benefit as regular milk. Overall, this drink contains nine nutrients that are essential to your health. It can help you manage weight, help prevent osteoporosis, and help with high blood pressure. These are just some of the reasons why milk is a healthy source of nutrients that should be celebrated all year long.

National Dairy Month is a great reason to enjoy an ice cold glass of milk, homemade ice cream, or milkshake. In celebration of the month, here are some interesting facts according to the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, Inc. There are about 300 different types of cheese sold in the United States. Cows can drink over fifty gallons of water each day. The average cow can produce up to nine gallons of milk each day, which is about 128 glasses!

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