Kids who eat nutritious lunches do better in school, but coming up with healthy ideas for back-to-school lunches can be challenging for parents. A well-balanced school lunch should contain foods from several food groups to supply protein, carbs and fat. Such a lunch can sustain a child’s energy levels and help them concentrate on school activities for hours. Creating a balanced lunchbox for back to school is easy when you use the following tips!

Healthy foods to pack

Add healthy carbohydrates to your kid’s lunchbox by adding fruit, crackers, bread or juice. Healthy protein additions include cheese, milk, yogurt, lean meat or beans. You can find healthy fat in nuts, meat, peanut butter and dairy products. Providing a balance of these different foods will ensure your lunchbox is equipped with everything your child needs to stay well-nourished and energized for their school day. Students have limited time for lunch, so be sure to include foods they like and will enjoy. This way you can know they are getting the energy they need to finish the school day strong.

Lunch ideas

Many kids dislike eating sandwiches for lunch. Packing a variety will prevent children from getting bored with their food. Some alternatives to sandwiches include: chicken tenders, bean salads, hard boiled eggs, trail mix, yogurt, sliced veggies with dip, crackers and cheese, and pasta salads.

Keeping lunch food safe

Always practice safe food handling when making a school lunch. If the lunchbox will not be refrigerated, the food can grow bacteria within two hours. Keep your child’s lunch cold by packing a frozen juice box or ice pack inside an insulated lunchbox.

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