Did you know two servings of dairy a day can lower your risk for heart disease and stroke? Results from a global study of more than 136,000 adults says this may be true. Here’s what researchers learned from a global study about the link between milk and heart health.

Research results

The study was published in the European Heart Journal and looked at adults from 21 countries. The participants completed food questionnaires and their answers were followed for nine years with the goal of discovering how the consumption of dairy products, such as milk and cheese, impacts health and survival. The study showed the adults who consumed two or more servings of dairy every day had 22% lower risk for heart disease and a 34% lower risk for stroke than adults with no dairy consumption.

Researchers also found one serving of milk per day was associated with 10% lower risk of heart events compared with those with no intake of milk. A daily serving of cheese was associated with a lower risk of heart events, while a daily intake of butter was associated with a slightly increased risk. What the findings ultimately show is consuming dairy products should be encouraged, regardless of the fat content in the product.

How does milk help?

Dairy products contain vital nutrients like vitamin D and calcium. Both nutrients are essential to cardiovascular health. Researchers also encourage the consumption of whole-fat dairy products, as they contain more nutrients than processed foods filled with sugar.

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