how to use milk before it goes bad

Milk is one product that is hard to stock up on because its expiration date means it will be unsafe to use after a certain period of time. The date stamped on the container varies, but some will state “sell by,” which means you have a few days beyond that date to use the product. Another stamp used is “best by,” which also gives you another week or so beyond the date to consume the milk. The “use by” stamp will tell you that you must use the product by a specific date. You will be able to tell that milk is bad if it smells sour, if it is lumpy, or if it has changed colors. If you think your milk isn’t going to be used by its expiration date, don’t waste it. The following are seven ways you can use milk before it goes bad.

Freeze the milk

There is a slight difference in milk after it’s been frozen and then thawed, but it will still be safe to use. Frozen milk works best in recipes, as you will not notice a change like you would when drinking it. The liquid will expand as it freezes, so leave a little room in the container, or put in a sealable bag. When you unthaw the milk, either place it in a sink of cold water or in the refrigerator. The water content will thaw at a different rate than the actual milk, so you should hold off drinking or using it until it is entirely unfrozen.

Make hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is much creamier and tastes better when made with milk. The hot chocolate mix you purchase has a powdered dairy product in it and is generally made by adding hot water. If you have milk that is getting close to its expiration date, you can use it for a tastier treat. Making hot chocolate this way is even better when done on the stove top. You can even use cocoa powder to make this drink from scratch.

Cook pancakes

Pancakes are a great breakfast to make ahead of time and freeze until needed. A batch of pancakes can use either one or two cups of your milk, and you’ll be able to store them in the freezer until ready to eat. If you are making large batches of different flavored pancakes, you can use even more milk.

Mix muffin batter

Muffins are another great way to use up some of that milk that is getting old. You can typically use a couple of cups of milk to mix the batter. These are a great addition to any meal or even a complete breakfast treat to serve. You can mix up a batch one morning and serve them hot from the oven and also bake a few more to freeze and serve another day.

Make pudding

Pudding is a favorite for many families. Making pudding takes a lot of milk, whether it’s the instant type or cook-and-serve. This delicious snack is great to have around to serve as a dessert by itself or to create a tasty pie or parfait. If you choose the instant pudding version, you’ll want your milk to be fresh. The cook-and-serve style will boil the liquid, so its expiration date isn’t as critical to watch.

Cook creamy soup

You can make a ‘creamy’ soup that calls for making a roux. Instead of using cream in the recipe, you can try some of your milk that is aging in the refrigerator. There are a variety of cream soup recipes including tomato, potato, pumpkin, broccoli, and chicken soup.

Make white sauce for pasta

Making white sauce is another way to use milk. This sauce can be used in a variety of ways and can even become a cheese sauce by simply adding some cheese after it has thickened. You can make every member of your family happy by cooking macaroni and cheese, garlic penne, and even alfredo.

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