When you have indigestion and an upset stomach, what sounds better than a thick, cool glass of milk? Milk is slightly acidic, but less so than the gastric acid in your stomach. A glass of milk provides a temporary buffer to gastric acid and relieves stomach pain. Here’s a few more reasons why milk is great for calming the stomach.

The soothing effects of a glass of milk

Milk, like many antacids, contains calcium. This mineral helps to calm an upset stomach by improving its pH balance. The thick consistency of milk coats the lining of your stomach, making it a good option for coupling with NSAID medications to avoid an upset stomach.

Milk as a pain reliever and sleep aid

If you have trouble sleeping, a warm glass of milk before bed might help. The drink contains an amino acid called tryptophan, and this metabolizes into melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that aids in sleep, which is especially helpful for those with upset stomach at night.

Alternative solutions

If you are unable to drink milk, there are other solutions to help alleviate stomach pain. Smoking, alcohol, and fatty foods can cause stomach upset. If you’re dealing with stomach acid problems, you may try sleeping in a propped up position to avoid acid rising into your esophagus. These tips should help, but if they do not, consult a doctor to get to the root of your problem. Medications may be able to help.

Drinking high-quality milk

To soothe the stomach and quench your thirst, choose a high-quality milk. At Plains Dairy, we produce a large selection of high-quality Milk, Cultured products, and Non-Dairy products. Look through our recipes to get inspired! Call us today at (806) 374-0385 or Contact Us by email to learn more About Us. You can also Find a Location near you and check out our Recipes!