Do you like to impress your neighbors each year with clever, handmade Halloween decorations? Want to add some spooky touches to your porch this year? Grab a few leftover milk jugs and some art supplies for some easy DIY Halloween decorations. The following options will help your place stand out this year!

Ghost jugs

Ghost jugs are super easy to make, plus they are inexpensive! All you need is clean gallon milk jugs, a black permanent marker, a craft knife and a string of low-wattage Christmas lights. Simply draw some spooky faces on your milk jugs with black marker and let your kids fill in the faces with marker.

Use a craft knife to cut a hole in the lower backside of the milk jug. Line your ghost jugs in a row and stuff lights into each one. Place them along your walkway or porch to welcome guests. Use battery operated lights if you would like to spread them around your yard.

Milk jug skeleton

With a little time and patience, you can create a spooky skeleton made entirely of plastic milk jugs! To make the skeleton, you will need 8-9 clean milk jugs. Draw out the pieces on your jugs using one for the skull, one for the torso, the bottom ⅓ of the jug for the hips, eight limb bones using the corners of three jugs and the hands/feet using the sides of two jugs. Your skelton’s shoulders will come from the handles.

Draw the shapes and cut with scissors. To assemble the skeleton, hole punch the bones and tie together with string. To attach the hip bones to the torso, cut four holes in matching locations on both and tie together with string. You can use hot glue to attach the shoulders (milk jug handles) to the top of the torso. To attach the head, cut the top lip off the opening of the jug. The head will fit into it nicely, then you can hot glue to secure tightly.

Milk jug monsters

Want to create something as cute as a jack-o’-lantern without the mess? Create milk jug monsters instead! Simply clean out your milk jugs, grab a few markers, and let your kids get creative. You can draw faces like Frankenstein’s Monster or mummies on the jugs.

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