Milk for healthy skin

We know that milk does the body good, but it also does the outside good too. Milk has been used to infuse the hair and skin with vitamins and protein. The calcium, vitamins and proteins in milk can help restore shine and luster to the hair while giving it strength. Milk is also highly beneficial for the skin, and it can help restore moisture when used in facial masks. Below are a few hair ways milk can benefit your hair and skin.

Milk for straight and healthy hair

Milk adds weight to the hair, which is part of the secret to smoothing treatments and keratin. Whole milk can be used to straighten hair. Add honey, strawberry or banana for a pleasant smell and extra nourishment. Saturate your hair with the mixture and comb it through your hair with a brush or your fingers. Pull it through any natural curls for about 30 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, condition and air-dry for a straight look.

Healthy skin treatments

Milk is soothing for dry skin. Milk baths, cold soaks and beauty products with milk will moisturize dry and irritated skin. The lactic acid in milk can also slough off dead skin cells. For an easy, inexpensive treat, simply pour a couple of cups of milk into your next bath and relax. Consider a yogurt and honey face mask for an additional beauty treatment to make your skin glow.

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