Most baked goods rely on a handful of common ingredients: milk, eggs, sugar, flour, butter and oil. Milk plays several roles when it comes to baking, far beyond moistening a batter of dough. Adding milk builds the structure of batter or dough. Milk can also give your baked goods a crisp crust. Here are a few helpful facts to keep in mind as you make your next baked good!

Milk as a building block for bread and cake

Making a cake or bread is like building a home. Some of your ingredients, such as flour, water and eggs, form the foundation of your baked item. These ingredients give your food structure and strength. Ingredients like sugar, egg yolks and oil add flavor and moisture. Milk, especially whole milk, serves both functions.

The protein in milk builds a strong dough or batter capable of withstanding the rigors of baking. Fat and sugar in milk act as sweeteners as well as moisten the baked good. The sugar in milk also helps to create a golden brown crust on your dish.

Choosing the right type

Most baking recipes require whole milk. This is because skim has no fat. A single cup of whole milk has 3.5 grams of fat. This small amount of fat allows for increased moisture and tenderness. You can substitute whole milk with low-fat or skim, but be careful how you prepare your batter. Combine your dry and wet ingredients in separate bowls before mixing. Use a light hand to avoid toughening the baked good.

Temperature matters

Cake recipes sometimes require ingredients, like milk, to be used at room temperature. This allows the butter, sugar and eggs to come together smoothly. If you are preparing biscuits, ensure your milk is ice cold. Ice cold ingredients help create flaky layers. When preparing a yeast bread, a recipe may say the milk needs to be almost scalding hot. The high temperature encourages the year to dissolve and start the process of rising.

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