Did you know that June was designated National Dairy Month? Dairy is a nutrient powerhouse, and has been consumed for thousands of years. This month celebrates this important staple by encouraging participants to educate themselves and others about the benefits of dairy. Read more about National Dairy Month below.

1937 grocery promotion

National Dairy Month started as National Milk Month in 1937. The promotion was aimed at encouraging milk sales. The dairy demand needed to be stabilized when production was at a surplus. The promotion developed into an annual tradition celebrating the contributions of the industry. After the National Dairy Council began promoting the cause, the name became National Dairy Month.

How to celebrate

National Dairy Month is a great time to begin summer with nutrient-rich dairy foods. Dairy products, such as milk, contain nine essential nutrients which help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, help manage weight and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Consider hosting an ice cream party with friends, or try out new recipes! However you choose to celebrate, enjoy everything dairy has to offer by purchasing your favorite dairy products this June.

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